tisdag 15 oktober 2013

Making Tutorials ??

I'm thinking of creating tutorials that might help others to make games. I might not be the best of making games but it might help somebody that wants to start making their own.

Ever since I got a NES I've always known what I wanted to do. I think that there is allot of people out there that want to make games but having a hard time knowing where to start. So I will try to help some of you to start.

Today it is actually very easy to make games because of the huge amount of tools available out there. There are tools that are easy and there are tools that are hard. I will list some of the tools that I have worked with.

- Multimedia fusion 2
This is the program i bought after "The games factory" it has some features that "The games factory 2" does not. Here is a video showing some of the games that can be made with this program

Create games for  :  PC,  iOS, Android, XNA, Flash.

- Corona sdk
This is also very easy to use. With this you can make games and application for  iOS, Android, Kinde Fire and NOOK.

- Unity3D
This is what Im currently using and it is a great engine. I have made several games with this mostly for iOS and Android. The most recent is "Hold the gates"

Create games for  : PC,  iOS, Android, Flash, Windows phone, Windows store, Mac, PS3, Xbox 360, Blackberry 10, WiiU, PS3, Web.

There are alot more engines that you can create games with but I will try to make a tutorial for each of these.

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