onsdag 30 maj 2012

Devblog is online!

The devblog is online !!  Maybe you wonder who i am my name is Jakob Johansson and I am a game developer have just decided to start my own company which currently is just called Jakob Johansson :-) .

I have before this worked at Filimundus AB which is a great company creating kids games for iOS and Android. There I was a programmer working on several games. And even before that I worked at a game studio called Fatshark AB  where i worked as a level designer on various projects some of them is Lead and Gold : Gangs of the wild west , Bionic commando rearmed 2 and Hamilton.

With this company I will focus on creating games for mobile devices using Unity3D which is a awesome game engine to work with. I will work as game designer and programmer I also will be joined by my dear friend Pär Anderson who will work as the graphical artist. Earlier work includes filmeffects, commercials and fine Art (Oil Painting) Here is his blog: http://parandersson.blogspot.se/

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